Ghostly Activities

An Evening of EVPs by Mystic Moon Cafe

June 6, 2020

Hi gang. This is a little different: I co-hosted a show with EVPs. We played something like 2 dozen. In some cases, you may need your headphones to hear them.

The guests providing the EVPs include:

  • Charlette Savoie (Vilisca Axe Murder House)
  • Todd Bates (Haunted Voices Radio)
  • June Nixon (VP, AGHOST & Mystic Moon Cafe)

I played one and it didn't turn out so good on-air. Anyway, we had a fun time and it was broadcast on Facebook Live. 

Here are some links you can use to check it out:

Mystic Moon Cafe & Radio episode on EVPs

Mystic Moon Cafe's Facebook page for live events

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