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Thornewood Castle Ghost Hunt

Thornewood Castle Ghost Hunt

April 4, 2020

On Feb. 22nd, AGHOST investigated Thornewood Castle, the mansion from Rose Red. We captured evidence at the apartments next to the Castle, the movie room and game room in the Castle. During the night, we experimented with lamps, the Estes Method, and tried a new kind of EVP test. Get the scoop in this podcast.

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All About Werewolves | Monsters on the Web

All About Werewolves | Monsters on the Web

April 2, 2020

On April 1st, Mystic Moon Cafe dug into everything about werewolves. Topics included:

  • Favorite werewolf movies from the 1980s to present
  • Origins
  • Werewolf powers and weaknesses
  • How you become a werewolf
  • Favorite fight scenes with vampires

But we also had cameos by Mr. Creepy, a haunted doll, Daisy (Jake's pitbull) and Dakota (Wendy's German Shepherd). There's some foul language in this one!

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Paranormal Research Manager Duties

Paranormal Research Manager Duties

March 28, 2020

Paranormal research managers have one of the hardest jobs on the team. They have to find why a place is haunted, and who the ghost was in life. June and Jake go through key skills to have and backgrounds that will give you a leg up on the role. In some cases, the research manager shouldn't go on an investigation, but they can provide tips for evidence collection.

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Gettysburg Ghost Hunt

Gettysburg Ghost Hunt

March 7, 2020

June and Jake discuss the AGHOST road trip to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. It's notorious for the residual hauntings at the battlefield, Jenny Waide House, orphanage, covered bridge and more.

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Jennifer Page & Maxwell Holechek of Odd Tonic on Mystic Moon Cafe

Jennifer Page & Maxwell Holechek of Odd Tonic on Mystic Moon Cafe

February 27, 2020

On Mystic Moon Cafe, Jennifer and Maxwell from Odd Tonic (podcast) appeared to discuss their show, creative process, and what interests them in the paranormal. We shared some ghost stories and had a grand ol' time along the way.

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Paranormal Technical Manager Duties

Paranormal Technical Manager Duties

February 8, 2020

Paranormal technical managers (or tech managers) have one of the most demanding jobs on a ghost hunting team. They're responsible for the smooth operation of all the ghostly gadgets, but there is one big drawback. Get tips, tricks and practical advice before you take the job.

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Ghosts and Gadgets with Jacob Rice

Ghosts and Gadgets with Jacob Rice

February 5, 2020

Jake, June and Wendy went all in on ghost hunting equipment tonight. We also played EVP collected in the Seattle Underground on February 4, 2020. Jake focuses on camcorders and external mics, plus audio recorders like the H1n and H4n by Zoom. In addition, Jake talks about different MEL meters and engagement gadgets like the GS2 laser grid system, Boo Buddies and EDI+.

Later on, June talks about upcoming ghost hunts, and Jake details the legends of haunted places in Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle and Charleston.

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AGHOST Investigates | University Heights Center in Seattle

AGHOST Investigates | University Heights Center in Seattle

January 25, 2020

Jake and June discuss one of their favorite haunts, the University Heights Center in the University District, Seattle, Washington. 

Four haunted hotspots are discussed in detail. We also add the best gear to use and go over some evidence collected by AGHOST team members. One spot, the fan room in the basement, has some of the most consistent haunting activity anywhere in Puget Sound.

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Paranormal Investigator Duties | AGHOST Investigates

Paranormal Investigator Duties | AGHOST Investigates

January 18, 2020

Investigators are the frontline into paranormal research. They collect the evidence and face the critics. If you want to become a paranormal investigator for ghost hunts, listen on.

In this episode, Jake and June discuss the best attributes, qualities and knowledge investigators need to have or learn.

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Eerie Haunted Talk with Todd Bates & David Weatherly

Eerie Haunted Talk with Todd Bates & David Weatherly

January 8, 2020

On tonight's episode, Mystic Moon Cafe welcomes Todd Bates, of Haunted Voices Radio & the King of EVPs, and David Weatherly, paranormal author of Black Eyed Children, Haunted Toys, Haunted Ships & Lighthouses, and the popular Sasquatch series, Wood Knocks.

We got some good scoop: Todd has a relaunch planned for Haunted Voices; and David will release 2 new books over the next 3 months, Monsters of the Last Frontier and Wood Knocks Vol. 4.