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8 Ways To Clear Ghosts & Spirits From Your Home

8 Ways To Clear Ghosts & Spirits From Your Home

October 11, 2020

There are 8 known ways to clear spirits and ghosts from your home. But, there is one unique situation when the clearing attempts won’t work. That deals with residual hauntings.

In most cases, you can clear your home of spirits and ghosts using these practices:

  1. Negotiating
  2. Holy Water
  3. Haunted Object Removal
  4. Spiritual Cleansing
  5. Smudging
  6. White Candle Clearing
  7. Feng Shui
  8. Salt

You can get even more in-depth details on herbs, stones, salt and protection from these articles at

Herbs that protect against evil spirits

Stones that protect against evil spirits

Salt, a ghostly protection go-to

How to protect yourself from ghostly energy draining

How to make Holy Water


Haunted Objects & Remedies

Haunted Objects & Remedies

October 3, 2020

Possessed possessions. Demon dolls. Haunted objects. You never know what you bring home with you from an antique store or yard sale. Learn how to break the ghostly bond with your possessions.

We’ve all heard the stories about demon dolls and other haunted objects. In most cases, a family member buys an antique that just happens to have something paranormal attached to it. Now, you have to think twice about that item you buy from eBay.

Haunted Mines | Reliving Past Disasters

Haunted Mines | Reliving Past Disasters

September 26, 2020

Haunted mines are excavations with the spirits of miners who perished in a disaster. Most disasters are quick: They kill the miners so fast, they don’t realize they died. It infuses the mine with their life force and creates a haunting. 

Haunted mines usually happen when the mine shaft collapses, there's an explosion, or it floods. Limestone and coal mines have the most disasters. There's also something called a damp, which creates a deadly environment for the men in the mines. 

Listen in to get more scoop on haunted mines.

Moving Doldrums

Moving Doldrums

July 7, 2020

Hi gang. I'll be offline through August 15th while I move to a new house. Please enjoy the podcast library while I'm away. 

Eerie History & Dark Historical Tales

Eerie History & Dark Historical Tales

June 19, 2020

Hi gang. I launched a website back in May 2020. It focuses on macabre, historical fiction. From time-to-time, I'll post a podcast focused on them. 

The first one will come next week, and it will be an interview with a dark historian, Kim Douthit. We'll chat about Albert Fish, an infamous serial killer, pedophile, and cannibal. He was also the first series I wrote about on Eerie History. 

If you'd like to check out the site, you can find it at:

Ghoulish Tendencies Podcast on Mystic Moon Cafe

Ghoulish Tendencies Podcast on Mystic Moon Cafe

June 17, 2020

Join Mystic Moon Cafe & Jake from Ghoslty Activities as we host the Lovely Ladies of Morbidity, Kim Douthit and Gabi Fiore, to discuss their very spooky podcast, Ghoulish Tendencies.

Get the scoop on the Amityville House, the LaLaurie Mansion, Cecil Hotel, Jersey Devil, Myrtles Plantation and more!

Georgetown Inn Ghost Hunt

Georgetown Inn Ghost Hunt

June 13, 2020

On June 5, 2020, AGHOST investigated the Georgetown Inn in Seattle, Washington. To our knowledge, no other team has publicly shared their investigation.

The Georgetown Inn sits near the site of an infamous tuberculosis hospital, Morningside Tuberculosis Hospital, which existed from 1928 - 1947. Maybe some of those ghosts came to visit us?

We captured evidence in Rooms 226 and 326 during the night. Listen in to get the details and read the ghost hunt report here:

To join AGHOST and come ghost hunting with us, visit:

An Evening of EVPs by Mystic Moon Cafe

An Evening of EVPs by Mystic Moon Cafe

June 6, 2020

Hi gang. This is a little different: I co-hosted a show with EVPs. We played something like 2 dozen. In some cases, you may need your headphones to hear them.

The guests providing the EVPs include:

  • Charlette Savoie (Vilisca Axe Murder House)
  • Todd Bates (Haunted Voices Radio)
  • June Nixon (VP, AGHOST & Mystic Moon Cafe)

I played one and it didn't turn out so good on-air. Anyway, we had a fun time and it was broadcast on Facebook Live. 

Here are some links you can use to check it out:

Mystic Moon Cafe & Radio episode on EVPs

Mystic Moon Cafe's Facebook page for live events

Haunted Bridges

Haunted Bridges

May 16, 2020

Haunted bridges provide excellent evidence for ghosts and spirits. But, the environment and logistics of a ghost hunt on a bridge can get a little tricky. Get the scoop on the different types of ghosts that manifest on bridge, and why these spirits are bound to a bridge.

We also talk about some ghost hunts at notorious haunted bridges:

  • Clark Street Bridge (Chicago, IL)
  • Colorado Street Bridge (Pasadena, CA)
  • Aurora Street Bridge (Seattle, WA)
  • Overtoun Bridge (Dumbarton, Scotland)

To read more about haunted bridges visit

Colorado Street Bridge ghost hunt:

Aurora Street Bridge:

Dog Suicide Bridge:

To join AGHOST and ghost hunt with us, visit:

USS Turner Joy Hauntings

USS Turner Joy Hauntings

May 9, 2020

In this episode, June and Jake share their haunted exploits and evidence from the USS Turner Joy. The ship is best known as a destroyer used during the Vietnam War. In 1982, the US Navy decommissioned it and it anchored in Bremerton, Washington. Today, it's haunted by sailors from its seagoing days and the 3 young men who died in a tragic gun mount accident.

To read more about AGHOST's investigations, visit these 2 reports from

To take a haunted tour with a real paranormal investigation, visit Spooked in Seattle at:

To join AGHOST and ghost hunt with June and Jake, visit:

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